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Professional Development Program

November 7th – 9th, 2018
Registration Deadline: October 5th, 2018

Experience the Theory Behind the Practice

Through an interactive learning experience, the STEAM Professional Development Program will transform how Early Childhood Education (ECE) teachers and directors address Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math in the classroom.

Participants will learn to create dynamic learning environments for young children and promote a foundation for STEAM that will last a lifetime. This intensive training experience takes three of the newly developed STEAM courses at Pacific Oaks College and modifies them into a 3-day professional development opportunity.

Participants will deeply engage with theory and see firsthand how STEAM is integrated in top Early Childhood Education centers in Pasadena, California.

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Program Description

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By engaging in STEAM activities with trained professionals, children learn important concepts that help to build a foundation for learning that is transferable for life. Participants will experience the following:

  • Site visits to top local preschools that integrate STEAM and a progressive approach to learning
  • Presentations by leaders in Early Childhood Education
  • Strategies for implementing STEAM in a classroom or center/preschool
  • Presentations on brain development and the ecology of learning environments
  • Training on how to present to colleagues, families and caregivers, and community stakeholders
  • Highlights

    • Interactive learning of theory and practice through the distinctive Pacific Oaks College pedagogy
    • Hands-on learning to build knowledge and skills in facilitating the learning of young children
    • Exposure to the latest research
    • Interactions with local child development and early childhood education leaders

  • Destinations

    • Pacific Oaks College
      Pasadena, California
    • California Institute of Technology
      Pasadena, California

  • Fees

    • $1,500.00 USD
    • Registration Deadline: October 5th, 2018

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Reading A Storybook
  • Nov. 7th

    • Arrive at Pacific Oaks College campus for check-in and continental breakfast
    • Welcome Remarks from the President of Pacific Oaks College
    • Special Guest: Vice Mayor John Kennedy
    • STEAM Program Overview
    • STEAM Integration of Science and Technology
    • Site Visit: Pacific Oaks Children’s School
    • Demonstration from experts
    • Group discussions
    • Site Visit: The Children’s Center at Cal Tech

  • Nov. 8th

    • Reflection and Presentations from previous day (20 minutes)
    • STEAM Integration of Engineering and Simple Robotics
    • Special guest speaker
    • Demonstration from experts
    • Becoming a Trainer of Trainers
    • Group Discussion
    • Site Visit: Children’s Educational Center (CEC)

  • Nov. 9th

    • Reflection and Presentations from previous day (20 minutes)
    • Thinking Reasoning and Discovering Math
    • Special guest speakers: Cal Tech, CEC, JPL, POCS
    • Site visit: Child Educational Center (CEC)
    • Return to POC campus for closing Ceremony
    • Pacific Oaks College BA and MA in ECE Programs
    • Closing Ceremony: Presentation of Certificate of Completion

Travel to the United States

Visa Requirements & Regulations

Please note that this program is for your enjoyment and incidental to your primary objective of your visit to the United States. This is a non-full time program and is not credit-bearing for Pacific Oaks College and may not be used to count towards credit towards any degree, diploma or certificate for any institution.

U.S. immigration regulations stipulate that individuals in the United States on a “B” non-immigrant (both B-1 visitors for business and B-2 visitors for pleasure) are prohibited from enrolling in a degree program. This program is not eligible to sponsor F-1 (Student) visas and Pacific Oaks College does not provide visa or visa support services or advisement for this program. We encourage students who are in other non-immigrant statuses not sponsored by Pacific Oaks College to review their eligibility for travel and study in the U.S.

U.S. Visa Requirements and Eligibility

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