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Mental Health and Well-Being in Armenian Communities

This presentation will focus on the mental health and well-being of the Armenian/Armenian-American communities of the greater Los Angeles, California area. Participants will learn about mental health issues specific to this community as well as well-being strategies that are rooted in the Armenian cultural context. The discussion will include clinical and counseling considerations for professionals when working with Armenian/Armenian-American clients. 

             February 15, 2022 | 12pm PST/2pm CST/ 3pm EST

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About Dr. Patricia Perez

Dr. Patricia H. A. Perez, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor in the International Psychology (IP) Department at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (TCSPP). She is originally from Quezon City, Philippines. Dr. Perez received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Northwestern University, Master of Education degree in Child Development and Infant Studies from the Erikson Institute, and her Doctorate degree (minor in Multicultural Counseling) in Counseling Psychology from Loyola University Chicago. Dr. Perez has over 25 years of experience working with young children and families in community-based settings, early intervention, hospitals, family support programs, and private practice. Her areas of research and practice expertise include children and families, children with special needs, diversity/equity/inclusion/justice/belonging, parenting, cultural competence, lifespan development, infant mental health, child abuse and neglect, global trauma, third culture kids/adults, and acculturation psychology. Dr. Perez is a diversity psychotherapist, mixed methods researcher, developmental specialist, cultural expert, and international psychology consultant. Dr. Perez provides consultation nationally and internationally (United States, United Kingdom, Ghana, Kuwait, Philippines, Indonesia, Armenia). She is a recipient of a 2018 Elizabeth Hurlock Beckman Award for inspiring students to establish a concept, procedure, movement and/or organization that makes a difference in their communities.


About Dr. Armine Stepanyan Zambre

Armine Stepanyan Zambre, Ph.D., LCSW works as a Clinical Psychologist at the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health. Dr. Stepanyan Zambre’s personal background consists of different life experiences and cultures. She was born in Yerevan, Armenia, and raised in Russia, and because of her personal story she also lived in India for a few years. Due to her work in United Nations and other Humanitarian agencies, she had the opportunity to live and work in different parts of the world. Dr. Stepanyan Zambre received her two bachelor’s degrees in teaching and linguistics from Yerevan State Humanitarian College, Master Social Work Degree from California State University Northridge, and was awarded her Doctorate degree in psychology by the Resolution of Supreme Commission of the Republic of Armenia. Dr. Stepanyan Zambre was a trained professional social worker and worked as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for nearly 10 years for LAC Department Mental Health providing professional services to Public Mental Health System. After obtaining a doctoral degree in psychology Dr. Stepanyan Zambre continued serving for the Department of Mental Health as a clinical psychologist. She has been providing clinical, crisis, and case management services in intensive outpatient/field base program Full-Service Partnership, and for Emergency Outreach Bureau Psychiatric Mobile Response Team for the past 12 years. She has been serving not only English-speaking consumers but also extended the services to Russian and Armenian-speaking consumers. Dr. Stepanyan Zambre considers herself privileged and honored with the opportunity to be in such a great and important service to one of the most under-served and disadvantaged populations. Her daily interaction is with individuals from different social and cultural backgrounds, with severe mental health illnesses, individuals who lost their homes, struggle with substance abuse issues. Through her work, Dr. Stepanyan Zambre conducts diagnostics assessments, individual therapy, crisis intervention, conducts psychiatric holds. Dr. Stepanyan Zambre believes that strengthening and promoting an individual’s mental health stability not only will reduce the risk of mental health conditions but will contribute to improving general health, well-being, recovery, and productivity for a healthier society. Dr. Stepanyan Zambre participated as a speaker in several international psychological conferences, has been involved to lecture classes in the Universities in India, and Armenia. Dr. Stepanyan Zambre has published numerous articles in the field of psychology. The recent traumatic events of 2020 in Armenia created complicated and unique reactions among the population in Armenia that are characterized by acute fear and overwhelming anxiety, with greater mistrust and anger, feelings of fear and helplessness Dr. Stepanyan Zambre was invited by the Armenian State Pedagogical University, to join mental health providers of the Psychological Department of the University, in the Republic of Armenia, in assisting in mental health services, exchanging experience, and sharing training during the overwhelming mental health crisis for the people, families, health providers, and refugees in Armenia, and was joined the team of professionals in Armenia for a month-long service in November 2020.

Dr. Stepanyan Zambre is also a member of the Clergy Roundtable Meeting Committee, Eastern European/Middle Eastern, EE/ME, UsCC Subcommittee Meeting, and Armenian Event Planning Committee in Department Mental Health.